Adam Schefter comments on potential Kirk Cousins trade

The Minnesota Vikings have started 0-3 this season, something that also happened to them in 2020. The intrigue here is that the Vikings are likely to move on from Cousins after this season.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter was asked about a potential Cousins trade to the New York Jets and shut it down.

“There’s nothing to that right now. But the Vikings are 0-3 and they made a decision where it certainly looks like they’re going in a different direction than Kirk Cousins next year,” Schefter said. “That’s the one that, honestly, is a logical fit for both sides, if the Vikings want to do that. At that point they’re punting on their season. Who are they turning it over to? Nick Mullens? What are you doing if you’re the Vikings? It would send a bad message if you send Kirk Cousins away at this point in time.”

While it makes sense to numerous analysts and fans, it doesn’t necessarily equate to what the Vikings and Jets think.

“The problem is, it doesn’t make as much sense to the Vikings and the Jets right now. At least not to my knowledge.”

There are issues to making a trade. Cousins right now has a no trade clause that would have to be waived, along with the Jets negotiating with the Green Bay Packers to open back up their first-round pick for next season. The last hurdle to making a trade involves Kwesi Adofo-Mensah, who has actively said he won’t tank. Schefter commented on that so-to-speak with what it might take for Adofo-Mensah to make the move.

“”Once you trade him, you’re punting on the season,” said Schefter. “Which, by the way, if you’re 0-5, if you’re 1-6, or something to that effect, I don’t have a problem doing that and getting in the quarterback derby. They need a guy anyway, next year. It’s a great draft of quarterbacks. You get extra draft pick compensation.”

Punting on an already lost season is inherently different to tanking and something that Adofo-Mensah might do if it was placed upon him. For now, the Cousins trade talk is just talk, but it only takes one more loss to potentially change things.

Story originally appeared on Vikings Wire