Adam Gase wins OPI challenge, Jets extend lead to 27-3

Josh Alper

We haven’t seen many pass interference calls changed via challenges by head coaches this season, but we got one in Washington on Sunday.

Jets head coach Adam Gase challenged an offensive pass interference penalty called on wide receiver Demaryius Thomas in the fourth quarter of the game. Replays showed Thomas made contact with linebacker Cole Holcomb, but it appeared Holcomb initiated the contact.

Officials agreed with that assessment and picked up the flag, which meant a catch by tight end Ryan Griffin for a first down stood and the Jets continued driving. That would work out well for them as Sam Darnold hit Jamison Crowder for a 29-yard touchdown that extended the team’s lead to 27-3 with just over 13 minutes to play.

Gase also won a challenge on the first offensive play of the game when officials incorrectly ruled that a pass to Crowder was incomplete. Those are his first two challenge wins of the season.

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