Adam Gase to Sam Darnold: We have to stay the course

Josh Alper
·2 min read

The Jets fell to 0-7 and quarterback Sam Darnold had another rough day in Sunday’s 18-10 loss to the Bills.

Darnold had some success in the first half, but a late interception helped Buffalo cut the Jets’ lead to 10-6 and the second half was a complete disaster. Darnold completed one pass and was sacked four times as the Jets picked up four total yards of offense over the final 30 minutes of the game.

Chatter about the Jets going 0-16 and earning the top pick in the 2021 draft is hard to ignore around New York and New Jersey these days. Darnold fielded questions about that last week and seemedd particularly dejected after Sunday’s loss, which led Jets head coach Adam Gase to offers some advice to his quarterback.

“I just keep thinking he’s 23. None of this can be easy,” Gase said, via Al Iannazone of Newsday. “My thing to him was we got to stay the course, we got to keep finding ways to get better, we have to do a really good job of being great leaders and showing guys the right way to do things, and keeping our focus. Him and myself getting frustrated and angry to the point where it’s unproductive is not going to work. We have to do things right. We have to show the right way. We have to act a certain way where we can bring guys along with us and find a way to turn the corner.”

There’s a point where plowing ahead with the belief that things are going to get better feels less like a strategy than blind faith. If the Jets haven’t gotten there with their 2020 team yet, it doesn’t feel far off from hitting a point where there won’t be a corner left to turn.

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