Adam Gase Left His Wife Immediately After She Gave Birth to Meet With Peyton Manning

Michael Shapiro

Adam Gase has his priorities in order.

The Athletic's Dan Pompei profiled the Jets' head coach on Wednesday and detailed a notable moment from Gase's time with the Broncos in 2013.

Gase's wife, Jennifer, gave birth to the couple's son Wyatt in October 2013 with a cesarean section scheduled for 10 a.m. But Gase didn't spend much time with his new son before bolting back to the world of football that afternoon.

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“They didn’t even put my organs back and sew me up before he’s like, ‘you good?'" Jennifer told Pompei. Jennifer confirmed she was doing well following the birth, prompting Gase to say, "All right then, I'm out."

Gase left the hospital for his 2 p.m. meeting with Peyton Manning and joined his quarterback at the Broncos' practice facility. 

“You’ve got to be kidding me. Didn’t your wife just have a baby two hours ago?” Manning recalled telling Gase, according to The Athletic.

Despite his apparent lack of interest in Wyatt's birth, perhaps Gase is better at fathering children than actually coaching. He and Jennifer have three kids, while Gase has just one playoff win as a head coach. 

Jets fans certainly hope a playoff win is on the way before a potential Gase kid No. 4. 

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