Actor Kevin Hart ends up in wheelchair after racing former Patriots RB

Age catches up with all of us, and we often times need to be reminded that some things just don’t work like they used to.

Such was the case for legendary actor/comedian Kevin Hart, who ended up in a wheelchair after accepting a challenge to race former New England Patriots running back Stevan Ridley in a 40-yard dash.

“This is a public service announcement because I know people may see me out, and I don’t want you to be alarmed,” said Hart. “But I’m in a wheelchair. Why? Because I tried to jump out there and do some young stuff. …Me and Stevan got into a little debate. This debate was based off of who was faster. Those that know me know I’m pretty fast.

“Stevan said, ‘Kevin, ain’t no way you gonna beat me.’ Stevan is an ex-NFL running back, played for the New England Patriots—very good guy. I said, ‘Stevan you can bet it.’ He said, ‘Bet.’ I said, ‘Bet.’ We get out there, and we go run the 40-yard dash. Guys, I blew all my [expletive]. I tore my lower abdomen. My abductors are torn. I don’t even know what that is, but I tore them. I can’t walk. Sit my ass down. This is 44.”

Here’s to hoping Hart gets well soon, but even after the injury, it’s good to see him in good spirits, doing what he does best, which is delivering the gift of laughter.

As for Ridley, who turned 34 years old this year, he still has some time before the realities of middle age start to set in. Even in retirement, he clearly has gas left in the legs.


Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire