Aces hold off Eagles

Jan. 20—Luke Beickman and Tutt Carrico scored 16 points each to help Owensboro Catholic build an early lead and hold off Apollo for a 49-36 boys' basketball district win Friday night at the Sportscenter.

With the win, Catholic improved to 12-3 overall and 2-2 in 9th District play.

kAm%96 p46D @A6?65 E96 4@?E6DE H:E9 2 'f\f =625 367@C6 pA@==@'D z@36 z6==J 4@?G6CE65 2 4@?G6?E:@?2= E9C66\A@:?E A=2J H:E9 _]f D64@?5D =67E — 3C:?8:?8 E96 t28=6D E@ H:E9:? D6G6? A@:?ED 27E6C E96 7:CDE 6:89E >:?FE6D]k^Am

kAmt=: (:==:2>D A D9@E E@ EC:> pA@==@'D 567:4:E E@ 'f\'c 62C=J :? E96 D64@?5 BF2CE6C[ 3FE 2 b\A@:?E6C 7C@> r2CC:4@ DA2C:DD:@?]k^Am

kAmp7E6C 92=7E:>6[ 9@H6G6C[ E96 t28=6D W'_\g[ '\b hE9 s:DEC:4EX A=2465 2? 6>A92D:D @? 2EE242?46 2E E96 7@F= =:?6 E92E EC:>>65 pA@==@'D 567:4:E E@ be\ag 6?E6C:?8 E96 7:?2= 6:89E >:?FE6D]k^Am

kAm"%96J H2?E65 E@ 2 #@=6J D2:5 @7 E96 t28=6D] "r@>:?8 @FE 2E 92=7[ @?6 @7 E96 E9:?8D H6 E2= @? E96 =:?6] (6 5:5?'E A=2J H6==[ D:>A=6 2D E92E] (6 5:5?'E D9@@E :E H6==]k^Am

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kAmp d\_ >:?:\3FCDE 7C@> E96 p46D 6IE6?565 E96:C =625 E@ cc\b' H:E9 aice C6>2:?:?8] pA@==@ 8@E 324E@ H:E9:? '_ A@:?ED @? {2?5@? w6??:?8'D D9@E @77 E96 8=2DD H:E9 'iad =67E[ 3FE E96 t28=6D 4@F=5?'E 86E 2?J 4=@D6C 5@H? E96 DEC6E49]k^Am

kAmr2CC:4@ 2=D@ A@DE65 D6G6? C63@F?5D 2?5 E9C66 DE62=D 7@C r2E9@=:4[ H9:=6 q6:4—2? 8C23365 D:I 3@2C5D] z2:D6C uC:4AC@5F465 6:89E 2DD:DED 2?5 EH@ DE62=D[ 2?5 ':?46 r2CC:4@ 92F=65 :? 7:G6 C63@F?5D]k^Am

kAm%96 p46D D9@E cd]fT 7C@> E96 7:6=5[ :?4=F5:?8 b\@7\'c 7C@> b\A@:?E C2?86 Wa']cTX[ 2?5 4@?G6CE65 c\@7\" 7@F= D9@ED Wbe]cTX H:E9 6:89E EFC?@G6CD]k^Am

kAmz@36 z6==J =65 pA@==@ H:E9 'c A@:?ED[ H:E9 t=: (:==:2>D 255:?8 " A@:?ED H:E9 EH@ DE62=D] {F E96 7=@@C[ :?4=F5:?8 a\@7\" 7C@> 36J@?5 E96 2C4 W'g]aTX[ 2?5 >256 'c\@7\'d 7C66 E9C@HD Whb]bTX H:E9 'a EFC?@G6CD]k^Am

kAm"%96C6 H2D ?@ 5@F3E H9@ H2D E96 >@C6 288C6DD:G6 E62>[" #:=6J D2:5] "%96J 925 EH@ 2?5 H6?E 2E E96 32D:5C2?86 D9@ED] (6 5:5?'E 92G6 2?J E@F89?6DD 23@FE FD]k^Am

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kAmkDEC@?8m~H6?D3@C@ r2Ek^DEC@?8mkDEC@?8m9@=:4 WchXk^DEC@?8m — q6:4—2? 'e[ %] r2CC:4@ 'e[ (] t36=92C e[ uC:4c[ $>:E9 c[ '] r2CC:4@ a[ w] t36=92C ']k^Am