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Andrew Jones, Publisher
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(Bruce Young, aka The Man of Many Talents, in spite of his horrible taste in music, is THI's social coordinator, official bureaucrat, no-longer-available bachelor even though he's still our International Playboy, back seat driver, back alley brawler, wig harasser, cheap hotel clerk impersonator, Rupp Rude Boy, hornet's nest poker, 2nd biggest Orioles' fan, photographer and resident Tar Heels' fan)


I Want "My" DAMN Victory Bell back and I want it back NOW!!!!!

I'm sick and tired of not seeing "my" Victory Bell rolling out in front of the Tar Heels as they come out of the tunnel, with two of our beautiful cheerleaders riding and ringing it. Seeing Duke run out with two classic Duke cheerleaders makes me nauseas!!! The thought of "my" bell being painted in that ugly dark blue disgusting paint is something that must be corrected by about 7:30 pm on Saturday! It must be done!!!!

Losing to Duke in football is totally unacceptable at any time! Losing to NC State and Duke, as was done last year, can only be considered a complete disaster for the UNC Fan Base and it has to stop!

From 1990 to 2002, Carolina won 13 games in a row against Duke and it's time to get on another streak like that, starting this weekend. There's no excuse for losing to the Blue Devils, NONE! We recruit better athletes year in and year out, have better coaches and still we've lost 3 of the last 5 to this lowly program. This is totally unacceptable.

Duke comes in undefeated after "BIG" wins against the likes of NC Central, Northwestern and Baylor; all at the friendly confines of Wallace Wade Stadium. Their offense has put up a lot points and yards, while not giving a lot of ground on defense.

With Carolina's injury situation, it doesn't look good on paper. Thank God we don't play this game on paper and even with the 15 or so injuries UNC has (12 on offense), we still should win this game.

Every fan wearing Carolina Blue understands the importance of this game, probably more so than some of the players. I'm not saying the players don't care because I know they do; they need to win every game, but this is the Duke Game. A lot of players aren't from this area and may not know how deep this rivalry is to the fan base and the university.

I've interviewed freshman players for many years and I always ask players from other areas of the country if anyone has pulled them aside and discussed the hatred the fan base has for the likes of Duke and NC State. I've found that usually a senior or two has spread the word, so until they play in this game a few times, they really don't understand!

Carolina is a 2-point underdog and probably should be, after the way its season has gone, but what do the gambling people really know anyway! Carolina cannot and will not allow this ragged team from Durham to come to Kenan on Saturday and leave with a win and my DAMN Victory Bell. Tar Heel Nation, we cannot let it happen. Show up early and be loud at 3:30 pm on Saturday, let's fill every seat. As far as I'm concerned, this is the biggest game of this season to date. GO HEELS!!!!


Bruce Young, THI

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