ACC Baseball Standings/Schedule: March 14, 2023

College baseball has been underway for roughly a month and this past weekend conference play got underway in the ACC.  Of the 14 participating baseball programs, only Clemson and Louisville didn’t take part in conference action.

We’re aware that Notre Dame dropped two-of-three at Georgia Tech, but how did the rest of the ACC fare during the opening conference weekend?  And how have they done through the first few weeks of the baseball season?

Here is a look at the ACC baseball standings as of March 14.  Also included at the bottom is the list of ACC baseball match ups for this coming weekend:

Atlantic T-1: Wake Forest

2-1 in ACC, 15-2 overall

Atlantic T-1: Boston College

2-1 in ACC, 12-2 overall

Atlantic T-1: Florida State

2-1 in ACC, 11-4 overall

Atlantic T-4: NC State

1-2 in ACC, 14-2 overall

Atlantic T-4: Notre Dame

1-2 in ACC, 6-6 overall

Atlantic T-6: Louisville

0-0 in ACC, 14-1 overall

Atlantic T-6: Clemson

0-0 in ACC, 10-6 overall

Coastal T-1: Virginia

2-1 in ACC, 14-1 overall

Coastal T-1: Georgia Tech

2-1 in ACC, 13-3 overall

Coastal T-1: Miami

2-1 in ACC, 10-6 overall

Coastal T-4: Virginia Tech

1-2 in ACC, 12-4 overall

Coastal T-4: North Carolina

1-2 in ACC, 12-5 overall

Coastal T-4: Duke

1-2 in ACC, 10-6 overall

Coastal T-4: Pitt

1-2 in ACC, 8-8 overall

March 17-19 ACC baseball matchups:

This weekend’s ACC contests consist of:

North Carolina at Pitt
Notre Dame at Wake Forest
Virginia at North Carolina State
Georgia Tech at Louisville
Boston College at Florida State
Duke at Clemson
Virginia Tech at Miami

Story originally appeared on Fighting Irish Wire