ABQ gas prices spike during spring break

Mar. 15—Albuquerque gas prices are among the highest in the state and even in the Southwest this week.

Drivers can expect to see an average price of about $3.40 at the pumps in Albuquerque, higher than the state average price of $3.24 per gallon, according to Friday data from AAA New Mexico.

Late last week, gas in Albuquerque was going for an average of $3.12 per gallon.

This week is spring break for students at the University of New Mexico. March is a popular month for spring break road travel and typically bumps up fuel demand, according to AAA. Albuquerque also has hosted people from all over New Mexico this week for the state high school basketball tournament.

"As expected, gas prices climbed again this week across New Mexico," said Daniel Armbruster, AAA New Mexico spokesperson. "With spring break travel underway, there's more pressure on fuel demand which could cause prices to further increase over the next week."

Fuel prices in Las Cruces have also creeped up, sitting at an average of $3.37 per gallon on Friday.

Prices are still lower compared to a year ago.

In comparison, those in the Santa Fe area have been getting petrol at the pump this week for around $3.15. The average in New Mexico's neighboring states of Texas and Colorado was $3.05 on Friday.

Arizona still has slightly higher numbers than New Mexico, sitting at a Friday average of $3.64, and Nevada was up to about $4.15.