Aaron Rodgers slams Joe Judge on his way out Giants’ door

Aaron Rodgers slams Joe Judge on his way out Giants’ door

It’s open season on Joe Judge not only here win New York, but around the NFL as well.

The New York and national media have been harpooning the beleaguered New York Giants head coach, who was finally fired on Tuesday after a disastrous 10-23 tenure.

Green Bay Packers quarterback and reigning NFL Most Valuable Player, Aaron Rodgers, joined in the fun during an appearance on Pat McAfee’s show on Monday (transcription courtesy of NJ.com):

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Rodgers: “You play to win the game. Nobody wants to be part of, like, kneeling the [expletive] out to take a tie. I would lose my mind. You know what would make me lose my mind maybe as much as that? Third and nine on the minus five, let’s go in goal line personnel and run a QB sneak.”

McAfee: “You’d call a timeout there? Audible?”

Rodgers: “Call that one in, (Packers coach Matt LaFleur), and you’ll see what happens. That [expletive] ain’t flying. The breakdown that (Dan) Orlovsky had on that was pretty amazing.”

Of course Rodgers is referring to Judge’s decision in Sunday’s game versus Washington to call a QB sneak with Jake Fromm on a third-and-nine deep in Giants territory in a 3-0 game.

Rodgers was only one of many critics around the country who took shots at Judge, who had a meltdown after the the Giants’ 29-3 loss in Chicago two weeks ago. He should have been fired right then and there.

The Giants are in the process of hiring a new general manager who will apparently have broader powers and will be in charge beginning with finding a new head coach.


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