Aaron Rodgers recalls Brian Urlacher’s “super-inappropriate” checks

Darin Gantt

In discussing the Packers-Bears rivalry this week, Aaron Rodgers revealed that Brian Urlacher put the blue in the Black and Blue division.

Rodgers said the Bears’ Hall of Fame linebacker was a worthy opponent in a chess match, but the defensive checks he used at the line of scrimmage weren’t the kinds of things you can print on a family website.

The checks he was saying were super-inappropriate,” Rodgers said, via Jason Lieser of the Chicago Sun-Times. “I think it was [before] the miking up of the guards, where every single word is heard, because I promise you if that happened today, some of that stuff would’ve had to get bleeped out.

“One of the first times we played golf in [Lake] Tahoe, we joked about some of those checks. I can still remember some of the crazy stuff he was saying. I just always wondered, ‘Was any of that stuff real or were you just [messing] around?’ We had some good laughs. . . . He said a lot of it was real. They would come up with them specifically for Packers week because . . . he said he had a beat on when we were checking. And they would come up with specific dirty checks to combat anything we were trying to do.”

When pressed, Rodgers couldn’t even offer a cleaned-up version of what Urlacher was saying to him on the field.

Which just makes us want to know what he was saying more than ever.