Aaron Rodgers picks up another gig

Don’t look now but Aaron Rodgers is adding another job to his impressive resume. The Green Bay Packers quarterback and the guest host of “Jeopardy” is taking on officiating at weddings.

Michael Silver tweeted on Saturday that Rodgers is going to be in charge when his left tackle, David Bakhtiari, gets married in California.

By the book, the person who officiates at a wedding is the leader of the ceremony. They work with the couple to prepare materials for the ceremony and perform the marriage on the day-of.

That would mean Rodgers would be the quarterback, sort of, when it comes to the event. Let’s just hope he doesn’t call an audible.

The happy couple:

Of bigger news in the tweet is Silver noting Rodgers is expected to make his intentions clear to the Packers by Tuesday. His offensive lineman has already made his intentions clear, which is pretty obvious.