Aaron Rodgers on leaving Green Bay: If it can happen to Favre, it can happen to me

Michael David Smith
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers thinks he has many good years left in him, but he’s not sure if all those years will be in Green Bay.

Rodgers told the Associated Press that he wants to play as long as Tom Brady, but that he’s not sure if it will all be for one team. Rodgers remembers replacing Brett Favre, who was traded to the Jets before finishing his career with the Vikings.

“I think you have to be humble enough to realize if it could happen to Brett, it can happen to you,” Rodgers said.

Rodgers is under contract for two more years at about $20 million a year, and there’s been talk that he and the Packers may agree to an extension this offseason. So he’s probably not going anywhere any time soon. But the 34-year-old Rodgers has spoken of Brady as a role model, and Brady says he can play until he’s 45. So if Rodgers wants to play that long, perhaps he’ll some day be a Jet, a Viking, or a member of some team other than the one that drafted him to be Favre’s heir apparent.

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