Aaron Rodgers experimenting with wristband play sheet

Josh Alper

The Packers want to have a better offensive performance this week than they managed in their season-opening 10-3 win over the Bears and one component to that is how quickly they’re able to get plays in from the sideline.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers said earlier this week that the team has made “some subtle changes to hopefully help with some of that tempo” and one of the changes may have been revealed on Friday. Rodgers wore a wristband play sheet designed to help communicate play calls faster than they came in Week One.

Many quarterbacks wear such accessories, but Rodgers hasn’t worn them in the past. Head coach Matt LaFleur didn’t say if Rodgers will wear the wristband during the game against the Vikings this weekend, but did say that the device has been helpful to him.

“It gets [the play] out of my mouth a lot faster, I’ll tell you that much,” LaFleur said, via ESPN.com. “So yeah, maybe it helps me get him the play a little bit quicker.”

Rodgers’s immersion into LaFleur’s offense was a big offseason storyline and it’s clear that the process didn’t end just because the regular season got underway.

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