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Aaron Rodgers does not do Wisconsin proud with shameful beer chug at Bucks game

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He may be a California native, but quarterback Aaron Rodgers has gone all in on his adopted state since joining the Green Bay Packers.

A regular attendee of Badgers, Milwaukee Bucks and Brewers games, the Packers quarterback has done his best to endear himself to the home crowd. He even bought a minority stake in the Bucks.

Being a Super Bowl champion and two-time NFL MVP also probably helps his cause.

Aaron Rodgers put to the test

His sideline performance during Thursday’s Game 5 between the Toronto Raptors and Milwaukee Bucks most certainly did not.

Aaron Rodgers clearly prefers to savor his beer. (AP)
Aaron Rodgers clearly prefers to savor his beer. (AP)

Put on the jumbotron opposite his All-Pro left tackle David Bakhtiari, Rodgers’ bonafides as a true Wisconsinite were put to the test in a beer-chugging contest.

He failed.

Watch Rodgers fail to keep up with Bakhtiari

Bakhtiari, in proud offensive lineman form, downed his brew like it was a shot and called out Rodgers out as he sat next to Mallory Edens, the daughter of Bucks owner Wes Edens.

Rodgers, who started with what looked like around half a beer, sheepishly took a few sips before conceding his defeat.

A gleeful Bakhtiari quickly pounded another.

But this is how it’s supposed to go, right? You really can’t show up your blind-side protector in a chugging contest if you’re Aaron Rodgers.

Christian Yelich steps up

Even so, it didn’t stop Milwaukee Brewers outfielder and reigning National League MVP Christian Yelich from showing Rodgers up.

Matthew Stafford, too

Rodgers’ NFC North rival and Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford got in on the action too, courtesy of this video posted by his wife Kelly, who appears to be feeling better after suffering some frightening medical issues.

Scotch? Really?

Rodgers responded to his resounding defeat in non-Wisconsin form.

There’s clearly plenty of California blood still running through those veins.

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