Aaron Judge stays hungry, launches BP homer to faraway concession stand

This must be what it felt like to grow up watching Babe Ruth or Mickey Mantle. Those two New York Yankees Hall of Famers are the subject of many legendary home run tales, both during games and during batting practice. Now it seems there’s not a day that goes by without current Yankees’ masher Aaron Judge adding a new tale to his swiftly growing legend.

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Judge was at it again on Wednesday. The rookie slugger’s latest monumental blast didn’t add to his league-leading total of 18. It instead came during batting practice, but it caught everyone’s attention because it cleared Monument Park at Yankee Stadium, where the likes of Ruth and Mantle are memorialized.

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This baseball didn’t stop there though. It was coming to eat, so it made a crash landing at a concession stand that sits well beyond where any baseball should land in center field.

Holy smokes that is quite a poke.

The truly amazing thing is that Judge looks like he’s just swatting flies during batting practice. And we don’t mean fly balls. We mean his swing is so effortless, it’s like he’s wielding a fly swatter and not a baseball bat. That he’s generating that much power during batting practice is remarkable.

Aaron Judge crushed another epic BP homer on Wednesday. (AP)
Aaron Judge crushed another epic BP homer on Wednesday. (AP)

This epic blast came just five days after Judge hit a BP homer a reported 510 feet at Rogers Centre in Toronto.

Later that same night he hit an opposite field homer that reached the second deck.


Needless to say, Judge has nearly cornered the market on long distance home runs. But every now and then, someone will step up to challenge his throne.

Wednesday’s best effort came from Rockies right fielder Carlos Gonzalez, who launched an epic big fly that didn’t count.

Gonzalez’s blast was estimated at 480 feet, but went just foul during the Rockies 8-1 win against the Indians.

That ball was coming to eat too, but Aaron Judge remains king for another day when it comes to jaw-dropping homers.


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