Aaron Glenn breaks down his Lions LB corps and how they’ll play together

For years, Detroit Lions fans have lamented the team’s linebacking corps. That appears ready to change in 2023.

Detroit has four linebackers who will play a lot in the coming season. Coordinator Aaron Glenn’s base defense almost never plays more than two at a time, but the improved depth and playmaking ability around the unit gives Glenn a lot more flexibility at LB than he’s had in his first two seasons.

Glenn praised his LBs in his weekly press conference before Saturday’s practice session, laying out what each backer brings to the team. Glenn kicked it off with veteran Alex Anzalone.

“Man, obviously Alex (Anzalone), he’s the field general. I mean he knows this defense like the back of his hand. He’s been with me for a long time. I would say that’s his strong point. Also, I would say in coverage is his strong point.”

Glenn then turned to first-round rookie Jack Campbell. No. 46 played a lot in preseason and looked NFL-ready.

“Jack (Campbell): big, strong, physical, blue-collar, hard worker, easily can pick a defense up, which he’s already done and he fits who we are to a T,” Glenn said of the Iowa rookie.

Next up was Derrick Barnes, who projects to start next to Anzalone even with the significant draft investment in Campbell. The third-year LB took a significant step forward in his development this offseason, showing better awareness, quicker reactions and a better ability to defeat blocks all summer.

“Derrick Barnes: explosive, fast, violent, get downhill, knock someone out type of mentality. That’s his strong point,” Glenn said.

Last but not least was last year’s rookie revelation, Malcolm Rodriguez. Glenn kept it simple for the fan-favorite “Rodrigo,”

“Malcolm (is) just a bulldog.”

Okay, coach, Who starts? Glenn answered thusly,

“So, I would say this, all those guys deserve to play, all those guys will play. The thing is they have a role on special teams also, so that’s a good thing because you have your best players out on the field. So, man, I’m looking forward to those guys playing throughout the season. I can’t tell you exactly how much they’re going to play, but they’re going to play.”

Story originally appeared on Lions Wire