Aaron Donald on Rams possibly bolstering team at trade deadline: "That's not my call"

When the 2023 season began, it was fair to wonder whether the Rams would be sellers at the trade deadline — possibly trading even defensive tackle Aaron Donald. Now, with the trade deadline only four days away, it's fair to wonder whether the team that formerly effed them picks will consider doing so again, in order to improve the team's chances at making it to the playoffs.

Does Donald believe the Rams should do it?

“That isn’t my call," Donald told reporters on Thursday. "That’s not my call to say. It is not my job to do that. Obviously, my job is just to go out there and play, perform. If they choose to do that and bring some guys in that can help, that's great. But my main focus is just playing football and letting them handle that."

The comments arguably can be interpreted as reflecting a desire by Donald that the Rams consider taking steps aimed at improving the team now. And why not?

They're more competitive than they were expected to be. As long as the key players stay healthy, the Rams will remain in the mix.