Aaron Boone suspended one game for making contact with ump during tirade

The New York Yankees will be without their manager Friday night. Aaron Boone received a one-game suspension from Major League Baseball for making contact with umpire Brennan Miller during Thursday’s game.

Boone, 46, was ejected from Game 1 of the team’s double-header for arguing balls and strikes. Before leaving the field, Boone yelled at Miller. The entire exchange was picked up by a microphone near the field.

During the tirade, Boone unleashed a number of expletives. He also may have inspired the Yankees’ new slogan moving forward.

Boone also received an undisclosed fine for his actions. He will serve his suspension Friday.

Boone said Friday he knew a suspension was coming, according to Mike Mazzeo of Yahoo Sports.

“... I knew I made contact with my hat, and [Brennan] said it right when it happened,” Boone said. “That happened to me last year, so I knew I’d be getting a call at some point from [the league], and I did.”

He added that his kids looked at him funny after audio of the exchange leaked.

When asked about the possibility of robot umps, Boone complimented Miller, saying he, “Handled the situation with a lot more class than I did. But I also thought turned in a really good game.”

Yahoo Sports’ Mike Mazzeo contributed to this report.


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