Aaron Boone says Yankees will play season in memory of team executive's wife killed by falling tree

NEW YORK (AP) — His voice quavering as he fought tears, New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone said the team will play this season in the memory of the wife of a club executive who was killed this week by a falling tree.

Cathy Tusiani died Wednesday when her car was struck during a storm in suburban Armonk. Her husband is Yankees senior vice president of partnerships Michael J. Tusiani.

At the end of his pregame news conference before Friday's home opener, Boone spoke of the Tusianis.

“I just want to say it real quick, with all the excitement of opening day, we get reminded all the time of the perspective,” he said. “At the end of the day, this is our livelihood. It really matters, but it is just a game. And our family, our Yankee family — heavy hearts today. As you know, Michael Tusiani lost his wife ..."

Boone started to sob and needed about 25 seconds before he could mention her name and continue.

"We'll be playing for them today and all season,” he said.

Cathy Tusiani was 50.

“Words cannot capture the devastating impact that is being felt within the Yankees family after the sudden and tragic loss,” the team said in a statement. “Cathy was beloved by our front office staffers, who were privileged to experience and bear witness to her kindness, intelligence, sense of humor and great love for her husband.”