A poster outside Brooklyn's Barclays Center asks passerby if they've seen the 'missing' Deron Williams

(Courtesy Twitter.com/michaelcummo)


(Courtesy Twitter.com/michaelcummo)

As we mentioned prior to Game 6, Deron Williams has been a disappointment in Brooklyn’s three losses during their first-round series with the Toronto Raptors, averaging just under 13 points and seven assists while shooting 39 percent. And, to be honest, he hasn’t really been the same dominating player since being traded to the Nets over three years ago from Utah.

Still, the poster pictured above is pretty cold.

(At least there’s some fire in Brooklyn, because the Barclays Center was barely half full just before Friday’s Game 6 tipoff, a game that could be the last of the Nets’ season.)

For whatever reason – wrist and ankle issues are usually given the bulk of the credit – Williams’ game has not been the same since becoming a Net (the “2/23/2011” designation on the poster refers to the day he was dealt to the team). He’s being paid like a superstar, Deron received a five-year and nearly $99 million contract during the summer of 2012, but his sub-All-Star play has been quite disappointing in the years since. And his Nets are in danger of being knocked out of the playoffs in the first round for the second straight year, rough news for a team with a nearly $200 player and coach payroll, once taxes are accounted for.

(Hat tip: Michael Cummo.)

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