What to do with the 9th pick in a fantasy football draft

Yahoo fantasy expert Andy Behrens offer some strategy tips and players to consider with the 9th pick in a fantasy football draft.

Video Transcript


ANDY BEHRENS: OK, look, the ninth pick isn't for everyone. This requires graduate-level fantasy skill, people. In many drafts, and if Yahoo ADP holds, the first eight picks will all be running backs.

So the most important piece of advice that I can give you here at the back half of round one is this. Do not spend your entire draft chasing positions. That is to say, if you take the ninth-best running back in round one, then like the 12th best running back in round two, you can easily slip into a terrible pattern in your draft without a clear strength right.

So that's why I love taking one of those top-tier wide receivers right here-- Travis Kelce, if he's available. Give yourself a positional advantage. Give yourself an edge somewhere. We're playing for a title here, right? We're not playing for a middle-of-the-path finish. Let's get bold.