93-year-old golfer gets first hole-in-one in last round

Get in the hole! (Getty)
Get in the hole! (Getty)

So here’s a story of everything working out just right. Ben Bender, a 93-year-old former insurance salesman from Ohio, is a lifelong golf fan, but he’d never once achieved golf’s individual pinnacle: a hole-in-one.

Being 93, Bender knew he didn’t have many rounds left. And so last week, he went out for a round at Green Valley Golf Club with no expectations of ever getting that ace. And after shooting an 8 on the first and a 7 on the second, well, it wasn’t looking good.

But then came the third hole. Bender selected a five-wood, hit it true, and … score!

“I’d come close to some hole-in-ones, but this one was level on the green before it curved towards the hole and went in,” Bender said. “I was in awe watching it. I played a few more holes, but my hips were hurting and I had to stop. It seemed the Lord knew this was my last round so he gave me a hole-in-one.”

Bender started playing golf when he was 28, back in 1953, and at one point was playing six times a week at a three handicap. But in recent years, he’s suffered from hip issues, and figures that this is the best way to bid farewell to the game.

“I was lucky to play golf this long, but I never expected (the ace),” he said. “It was the last time I was able to play, and I think God had a hand in this. I loved the game and hate to give it up, but I can’t play forever.”

That’s a hobby, and a life, well spent.
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