9 and 10 are taken – What number will Endrick wear at Real Madrid?

9 and 10 are taken – What number will Endrick wear at Real Madrid?
9 and 10 are taken – What number will Endrick wear at Real Madrid?

Having just sealed a dominant double with victories in both the La Liga and UEFA Champions League, Real Madrid must now gear up for the upcoming season.

Amidst the recent hype of Kylian Mbappe, it must not be forgotten that a certain Endrick will also be joining the club’s stacked front line.

The Brazilian recently bid an emotional farewell to Palmeiras fans, and the next time he steps onto the field for a domestic match, it will be in the iconic royal white jersey of Real Madrid.

Endrick’s speculated jersey number

Shirt numbers have always held special meaning, often serving as a way to cater to the egos of star players at elite clubs.

However, Los Blancos face the privileged problem of boasting too many big names, which means many of the iconic numbers are already pre-occupied and the new arrivals may have to settle for something unconventional.

And it becomes particularly interesting to speculate about Endrick’s potential jersey number since Real Madrid players have already claimed both 9 and 10.

Mbappe is expected to don the number 9 shirt, while Luka Modric’s continuity implies the number 10 will remain under his custody.

As such, Endrick will need to think of other options because these famous numbers are already taken. One potential choice is the number 16.

The teenage striker has already worn this number throughout his first two seasons at Palmeiras, so it would not be new to him and holds symbolic meaning.

Due to this prior familiarity, the move might go more smoothly for him, enabling him to keep growing while wearing the number that contributed to his early career success.

It is important to remember that players often choose to wear jersey numbers from their youth because of personal significance.

The same way Lionel Messi wore the number 30 jersey at PSG, despite being synonymous with the number 10 throughout his career.