These companies announced wage hikes, bonuses, benefits in afterglow of Trump tax reform

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Nearly every day another company publicly announces bonuses, wage increases or other kinds of benefits they’re offering employees since President Donald Trump signed tax reform into law on Dec. 22. 

Big box behemoths like Walmart (WMT), tech giants like Apple (AAPL) and Yahoo Finance’s own parent company Verizon (VZ) are among the latest to claim that they’re reinvesting capital into their workforce because of the lower corporate-tax rate. The timing of these particular announcements indicates how corporations are trying to curry favor with Trump.

Companies have also been burying bad news amid the rollout of positive, splashy reports. The same day that Walmart announced a minimum wage hike, bonuses and expanded parental leave benefits, the company abruptly closed 63 Sam’s Club stores and laid off thousands of workers. 10 of the closed megastores will become e-commerce distribution centers. Similarly, AT&T (T) laid off 600 employees the same week it announced bonuses for 200,000 workers.

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Companies lauding the tax plan

This corporate speak continues to trickle out of fourth-quarter earnings calls, but it remains uncertain just how material the impact of corporate tax reform will be for average employees. 

Here’s a comprehensive list of companies and what they’re offering employees, post-tax cut, courtesy of Strategas Partners, Americans for Tax Reform and original reporting. Industries range from airlines to wineries, promising everything from $1,000 bonuses to planting more vines.

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