8-year-old wanted Maple Leafs cake for his birthday, bakery gets it terribly wrong

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Jacob, 8, just wanted his favourite NHL team on his birthday cake. (Image via/CBC)
Jacob, 8, just wanted his favourite NHL team on his birthday cake. (Image via/CBC)

You’d think nailing a simple sports-themed birthday cake design would be, well, a piece of cake.

That wasn’t the case for young Jacob from Mascouche, Quebec, who just wanted to celebrate his 8th birthday with a cool Toronto Maple Leafs cake. The local bakery had other plans.

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An interesting take on a "Maple Leaf" cake. (Photo via/CBC).
An interesting take on a "Maple Leaf" cake. (Photo via/CBC).

According to CBC’s initial story, Jacob’s mother Tania Lévesque said the bakery didn’t have a Maple Leaf template so she suggested they Google search for an image that they could reproduce with icing (could have been avoided by using Yahoo’s search engine).

The result? A Maple Leaf Foods logo, you know, the famous Canadian consumer packaged meats company. An 8-year-old’s dream! Who doesn’t love bologna.

Jacob’s party, held at the the local hockey arena nonetheless, was reportedly still a fun time even though he refused to eat his own cake.

If this story sounds familiar, memories of Kade Foster might come creeping back. In November the 11-year-old’s Toronto Maple Leafs themed birthday party went viral after none of his invited friends came.

Kade’s father sent the tweet out encouraging his Twitter friends to send birthday wishes to his son, and the hockey world delivered. Hundreds of thousands of replies, retweets and likes poured in for young Kade, many from his favourite players on the team.

It became so widespread, that the Leafs flew Kade and his family in from Newfoundland for a home game and birthday celebration in person a few days later.

So young Jacob might be next in line to receive a proper Toronto Maple Leafs-inspired birthday weekend, in person, if this story gets enough traction.

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