8 best golf putters for improving your game on the green

Jon Axworthy
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We tested how they felt in hand in terms of weight, grip and balance (iStock/The Independent)
We tested how they felt in hand in terms of weight, grip and balance (iStock/The Independent)

Putters are undoubtedly one of the most personal clubs in the bag, and one of the most likely to be thrown into the nearest bunker when you miss another crucial shot to make par. Â

That’s why, whether you’re a Sunday morning slogger or shooting for a lower handicap, it’s crucial to have a stick that’s tailored to your stroke.

Although it may look like a putter swings in a straight vertical line, in actual fact the best technique is an arcing stroke that moves along that line and connects with the ball squarely, so that it rolls smoothly towards the hole.

Putters come in a range of head shapes and sizes, but they can be broadly broken down into blades and mallets.  

Blades are often used by touch players with good hand-eye coordination who don’t have to worry about squaring the putter’s face to the arc of the golf ball. Â

Mallets offer more support in doing this and can instil more confidence in a player’s swing with their balanced weight.

With this in mind, we took to the practice green armed with a bag full of mallets, blades and everything in between to see how they felt in hand in terms of weight, grip and balance.  

We were also judging them on how the ball rolled away from the face of the club and how in control we felt of our shot, no matter where we were on the pitch.

Ultimately, though, a putter should put you at ease and make you feel comfortable over the ball when everything is hushed because the more relaxed you are, the more focussed you’ll be on the shot and the more likely you are to hole out.

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