76ers brass believe LeBron James considered them 'very strongly' before choosing Lakers

The 76ers seem to still be feeling the sting of being rejected by LeBron James. (Getty)
The 76ers seem to still be feeling the sting of being rejected by LeBron James. (Getty)

On Monday, LeBron James officially signed with the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Philadelphia 76ers brass, apparently still in the clutches of denial, chose this time to publicly announce that they were oh-so close to landing the megastar NBA talent.

76ers executive: Lebron was “very serious” about Philadelphia

76ers managing partner Josh Harris spoke with ESPN at the Las Vegas Summer League and opined about how they almost landed James.

“I think they considered us very strongly,” Harris said of James and his Klutch Sports entourage. “I think he — I would be speculating on how he makes his decisions, and I don’t want to do that — but I think that they were really serious [about Philadelphia]. The fact that they took the meeting with us was something that they didn’t view lightly, so I think that they were very serious about it.”

Ok. Good for you?

Time to move on, Philly

Look, it sucks to get shot down, especially when you’re rejected for the glamour of the Lakers. But that’s part of the game. Sometimes you don’t get what you want. Take pride in shooting your shot, and move on.

And to be fair, maybe this public declaration is part of the the healing process for the 76ers. It should help to look back home and realize they’re in a committed relationship with some pretty attractive pieces in Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons.

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