72-year-old 'Catwoman' Jocelyn Wildenstein is back in the headlines

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Jocelyn Wildenstein in 2005 (Photo: Getty Images)
Jocelyn Wildenstein in 2005 (Photo: Getty Images)

Those of you with long memories may remember the 1990s tabloid queen Jocelyn Wildenstein. Who could forget New York City’s own “Catwoman,” famous for her divorce from French billionaire art dealer Alec Wildenstein? And, of course, her unique look.

However, over the past two decades, the 72-year-old has shunned the spotlight, quietly remarrying fashion designer Lloyd Klein, 50.

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Wildenstein recently opened up to Paper magazine and shared some updates on her very unusual life, along with new photos. The Swedish-born Wildenstein is styled like a queen, with a sash, crown, and scepter. She’s wearing a silver gown and dripping in diamonds, and her hair is bright blond and worn in cascading curls.


She tells the magazine she stepped away from the press because of her teenage children, saying, “When the children were growing, I didn’t want to speak about the family. I didn’t want it to fall back on them. But now they are adults, so I am free and can speak freely.”

She doesn’t like to look back at her bitter divorce (which included her husband threatening her with a gun), during which she claims her ex-husband painted her as a plastic surgery addict.

“In the beginning, it’s why I stopped correcting my appearance, because the articles were mean and would repeat the image that my ex-husband tried to paint of me,” she explained. “We were together for 20 years, so it’s a long time.”

Jocelyn Wildenstein in New York City, 2017 (Photo: Getty Images)
Jocelyn Wildenstein in New York City, 2017 (Photo: Getty Images)

She still claims her famous catlike look is genetic, saying that pictures of her mother show that the shape of her eyes were similar to hers. “This was a story, and it’s something he chose very well because it stuck to me like glue,” she says. “But the friends I had in Africa, or some friends I’ve had since we were 17, 20, 23 years old, they know me.”

Her life now includes travel and a deep connection to Africa. She says, “We’re traveling a lot. It’s always been like this since I left school — a lot of traveling. I did a lot of camping in Africa, because what does it mean to go to Africa if you don’t camp along the river and see the animals come to drink at the water?”

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