7 burning questions about the Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings are quite the fascinating team going into their week 10 matchup. Sitting at 5-4, the record is objectively fine considering their schedule, but how they got there could end up being a movie.

Despite injuries to their best three players on offense against the Atlanta Falcons, they willed themselves to a win.

After a wild first half of the season, we went tot the fans to see what questions they had about the team moving forward. These seven questions are fascinating and we answered them.

QB of the future

This is an interesting one. I don’t necessarily believe there is a singular type of quarterback for Kevin O’Connell’s system. He has shown the ability to work with both a pocket passer and a dual-threat. The one thing that O’Connell does prioritize is accuracy.

When you look at who the Vikings could select at quarterback, there are quite a few options. It’s about which one you prefer and who is realistic. I think that player is J.J. McCarthy from Michigan. Drake Maye and Caleb Williams are going to be out of reach, but the tools and dual-threat ability that McCarthy possesses along with his experience in similar concepts is incredibly appealing.

Struggles running the ball

I think its a multitude of factors. On Sunday, it was mainly on the offensive line. They were getting blown up with consistency and that was a major impact in the running game.

The running back room hasn’t exactly been exemplary this season. Alexander Mattison struggles to string things together with any form of consistency. He doesn’t have exemplary traits or vision and that has been a hindrance. We were starting to see more from Cam Akers before he ruptured his Achilles tendon against the Falcons.

All in all, I don’t think the running game will see a massive shift in a positive direction this season. However, Ty Chandler is the best hope to seeing growth this season. In the offseason, the Vikings should make an effort to upgrade the position.

S2 Cognition Test

Right now, I don’t believe we have enough data from the S2 Cogntion Test to make any concrete determinations. However, I do think it can be a good addition to the process in time. Stroud’s ability to see the field and attack vertically wasn’t something that should have been diminished with the test.

Regarding Levis, he was a very complicated evaluation. His arm talent was on a borderline elite level but he took too many sacks when pressured and didn’t use his arm talent well enough. I think early second round was a very fair spot for him to go but the hype from some people because of the arm talent gave it a different appearance.

Justin Jefferson vs. Jordan Addison

I think this is a fascinating question. What makes Jefferson special is his ability to make cuts without losing any speed. Pair that with his incredible body control that draws comparisons to Gumby and you have an elite wide receiver.

Addison is also an excellent route runner but he dips his hips deeper than Jefferson does to gain his separation. He doesn’t appear fast, but Addison can scoot.

The Vikings have two of the better route runners in the league in a system that allows them to be maximized.

Stars returning in 2024

I think Jefferson and Darrisaw are guarantees so let’s look at the other two.

I think the likelihood of Cousins returning is very high at this point. His value on the open market is likely going to be minimal due to his Achilles injury. Cousins doesn’t have the strongest arm in the world and a brutal injury like that could end up taking some of his arm strength away.

Hunter I also believe will be back. Not entertaining offers at the deadline paired with the raise and Hunter’s desire to be here should help him be back.


Mattison has always been a capable athlete. I think many compare him to what Dalvin Cook was in his prime and they were just different. The biggest issue with Mattison is consistency. He is averaging his worst yards per carry in his five-year career at 3.6 yards per carry. I don’t think things will get better in the running game unless Mattison takes a step forward.

Draft capital

This is an interesting question. I think it all depends on what they think of the quarterback class. There could be anywhere from 2-6 top quarterbacks that choose to stay in school, including Colorado QB Shedeur Sanders. I think that will determine how the Vikings will prioritize their draft capital.

The Real Forno Show

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Story originally appeared on Vikings Wire