7 boxers on list of 50 highest-paid athletes of all time, led by No. 8 Floyd Mayweather

Boxers have always been among the highest-paid athletes. A Sportico report confirms that.

Seven boxers made the sports business media outlet’s list of the 50 highest-paid athletes of all time, including income from salary, purses, endorsements and other sources that is adjusted for inflation. That’s 14%, or around one in seven athletes on the list.

Floyd Mayweather is the highest-ranking boxer at No. 8, with $1.41 billion in earnings ($1.11 billion non-inflation adjusted).

Other boxers on the list are:

  • 16 Mike Tyson, $875 million ($455 million)

  • 21 Manny Pacquiao, $725 million ($560 million)

  • 24 George Foreman, $680 million ($355 million)

  • 27 Oscar De La hoya, $665 million ($410.3 million)

  • 38 Evander Holyfield, $600 million ($310.2 million)

  • 48 Canelo Alvarez, $525 million ($460 million)

Alvarez, 32, remains active, meaning he presumably will climb the list in the coming years.

Former National Basketball Assocation star Michael Jordan is No. 1 with $3.3 billion ($2.37 billion) in earnings. The NBA has 13 players on the list, more than any other sport.

Sportico explained how it arrived at its figures:

“Our earnings estimates are based on conversations with industry insiders. Sportico research and historical estimates in media outlets, such as Forbes and Sports Illustrated. Earnings include salaries, bonuses, prize money, purses, endorsements licensing, royalties, memorabilia, book deals, media, appearances and golf course design fees. We included cash earned from equity stakes in sponsor companies, like LeBron James’ stake in Beats Electronics, Kevin Durant’s share of Postmates and James Harden’s piece of BodyArmor.

“We did not factor in traditional investment income. Sportico included earnings during playing careers and retirement through 2022 and adjusted them for inflation. Earnings are calculated up until the time of death for Arnold Palmer and Kobe Bryant. All earnings are pre-tax and before any fees for agents and lawyers.”

Story originally appeared on Boxing Junkie