Mickey Rourke, 64, says he's in talks with Golden Boy to fight in 2017

We could see Mickey Rourke back in the boxing ring before the end of the year, apparently. (Getty)
We could see Mickey Rourke back in the boxing ring before the end of the year, apparently. (Getty)

It’s been nearly two years since Mickey Rourke dabbled in boxing for the first time in two decades and scored a second-round TKO over Elliot Seymour in Moscow, Russia. Although many assumed it would be the last time Rourke would be in a boxing ring, it appears that the 64-year-old is interested in lacing up the gloves once again.

The actor, who once flirted with a career in boxing back in the early 1990s, appeared on the “Real Quick with Mike Swick” podcast to address his desire to get back into the squared circle and even revealed that he’s in talks with Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions to have his next fight in California.

“We’ve got a kid from Oklahoma who is 12-12 and my promoter is talking to him about a December fight,” Rourke said. “We’re just waiting for De La Hoya…the last time I saw Oscar he introduced me to the [California State Athletic Commission’s] commissioner and they looked at my last fight and said they would give me the green light to fight in Los Angeles.”

Rourke wasn’t able to confirm that Golden Boy Promotions would promote is next fight, just that he simply hoped it would come to fruition. But regardless of who his next opponent is, Rourke promised he would “rock the house” and plans to have two more boxing matches before calling it quits. This comes in light of the news regarding Rourke’s last opponent, who was accused of taking a dive when he fought Rourke in November of 2014.

Although it happened nearly 24 months ago, Rourke is still sore about the notion that he didn’t earn the technical knockout he worked for.

“Freddie [Roach] banned the little [expletive] from the gym and if I saw [Seymour] on the street I would kick his ass,” he said. “I worked too damn hard for someone to take away something I worked so hard for.”

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