6 things your preschool teacher/daycare worker hates that you do

A childcare professional shared a list of their pet peeves on Reddit, and other daycare workers are in total agreement. 1. "Stop sending your child in eating candy, doughnuts [or] fast food, unless you plan on [buying] all [the] kids in class some. Because now I have to be the bad guy and take it away". 2. "It's not my job to protect [your] child's clothing. We paint, we get dirty. Stop putting expensive clothing on [your] kids". 3. "BRUSH [YOUR] KID'S TEETH. OMG, I cannot count the amount of kids [whose breath] who could strip paint in the morning". 4. "Don't get mad at me because you didn't pay [your] tuition and I can't let your child attend. I love [your] child, I do. But this service is not free". 5. "Pick your children up on time. I have a family too and I've worked all day as well. And pay, without argument, the late fee". 6. "Do not send your child to preschool wearing pajamas, costumes and dress-up clothing — clothing that is not weather-appropriate". While we might never hear the parents' sides of the story in response to this thread, it's easy to see that being a childcare worker is no simple task