6 reasons Chargers fans should be hopeful for next season

The Chargers are not only having an electric offseason, but the franchise itself is undergoing a striking transformation. Fans of the powder blues should be ecstatic for next season and here are six reasons why.

Jim Harbaugh

The man. The myth. The legend. Harbaugh has already begun to change the culture of the Chargers organization. It’s like a Hollywood movie, a dream come true. Harbaugh not only takes the team to new heights, but brings a household sports name to the Los Angeles team. Harbaugh is known for rescuing losing teams and reshaping them into winning programs. He’s done so with Stanford, the 49ers and Michigan. Fans have been craving a purposeful change for years–and Harbaugh is it. 

Justin Herbert

Harbaugh said it best: Herbert is the “crown jewel of the NFL.” Chargers fans have known this since he started for the team, but other football fans have had their doubts about Herbert. This is because the Bolts’ most prized possession has been overshadowed by a struggling team. Nevertheless, Herbert is a talented asset on the field and has proven so time and time again. With a new coach leading the way, it’s likely Herbert will have his best season as he gets to develop under such a valuable teacher like Harbaugh and an offensive mindset in Greg Roman, who should aid Herbert by elevating the run and play-action game. 

Jesse Minter

Under Minter, Michigan had one of the most dominant units in all of college football, finishing in the top 10 in various categories. If you watched the Wolverines on defense the past two seasons, you would be able to take away that they attacked aggressively and made life difficult for opposing offenses. Minter believes in adapting the defense to your best players and your opponent, not forcing your players into your defense. This will apply to players like Derwin James, who struggled in Brandon Staley’s defense as he was forced to do too much.

The front office

In Harbaugh’s introductory press conference, he stressed the importance of the team’s togetherness. It may seem insignificant, but it’s unmistakable that everybody has the same goal starting from the top of the organization–everybody wants to win. The Spanos family hiring Harbaugh essentially remade the franchise. The front office made the right moves in the offseason to set up the team for success and it is sure to be one of the organization’s most exciting seasons. 

Joe Hortiz

While Harbaugh should have an impact on the Chargers, Hortiz should just as much, too. Hortiz was with the Ravens for a long time, where he helped build one of the most talented rosters in the league during his tenure. He has a good eye for talent in free agency and the draft. This should pay dividends when it comes to reconstructing the roster now and in the future.

No. 5 overall pick in the draft

As if this offseason couldn’t be any sweeter, the Chargers have the fifth overall pick in the upcoming draft. Though it’s unclear what position they will be going for, this is an opportunity to add even more star power to the team with someone like LSU wide receiver Malik Nabers or Georgia tight end Brock Bowers. Hortiz revealed that the team will be choosing the best player available in every round they have a pick. 

Story originally appeared on Chargers Wire