6 best running watches 2020: GPS wristwear to up your training game

Fergus Scholes
·2 min read
Power, cadence and recovery are all to be considered when deciding on which watch is best for you  (The Independent/iStock)
Power, cadence and recovery are all to be considered when deciding on which watch is best for you (The Independent/iStock)

The GPS running watch has a place on the wrist of every type and ability of runner – from those just starting out around the local park, to those tackling a half or full marathon perhaps looking for a PB, right through to extreme runners tackling a 250km+ ultra marathon across a desert.

When deciding on which watch is best for you, consider what you’re looking to get out of it. For example, do you need those more in depth analytics and metrics such as power, cadence, recovery and training status?

For some [insert training geeks here] these will for sure be great, however for the vast majority of us, all we really need is distance covered, time pace and heart rate.

For those who have had running watches before, it’s highly likely you’ll have a loyalty to one brand in particular – for reasons such as the arrangement and flow of menus, button commands, data screen layouts, the way alerts manifest themselves, the strap design etc.

However when it gets to that time, say every 2-5 years, when you’re having a think about upgrading, don’t rule out looking at one of the other brands – consider your options. We have put together our top selection of running watches – each and every one listed will serve you very well.

All have built-in optical heart rate monitors – this is a pretty standard feature now, and are really high quality – and a number have numerous additional hardware features at the top more expensive end. There are cheaper options out there, but if you’re in the market for a GPS watch that locates the satellites very quickly, and will then track your run accurately, there is sadly no shortcut on quality.

With cheaper options, you could well have just finished your run before the watch acquires satellite signal – we did experience this with cheaper models – and there’s nothing more frustrating (please note, none of those are listed below!).

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