At 6-7, Cowboys remain atop the NFC East

Michael David Smith

The bad news for the Cowboys is that Thursday night’s loss to the Bears drops them to 6-7. The good news is they’re in the NFC East.

Dallas remains in first place, half a game ahead of 5-7 Philadelphia. At 3-9, Washington is, amazingly, still in contention to win the division.

The Cowboys play the Rams next week, the Eagles in Week 16 and Washington in Week 17. Beat the Eagles and the Cowboys are likely to win the division, even if they lose the other two games and finish the season 7-9.

That’s because, if the Cowboys win that Week 16 matchup, the only way they don’t win the division is if they lose their other two games and the Eagles win all three of their other games.

We could see a 7-9 NFC East champion hosting a 13-3 wild card team (whoever doesn’t win the NFC West between the Seahawks and 49ers) in the first round of the playoffs. The Cowboys are the favorites to be that 7-9 NFC East champion.

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