What to do with the 5th pick in a fantasy football draft

Yahoo fantasy expert Andy Behrens offer some strategy tips and players to consider with the 5th pick in a fantasy football draft.

Video Transcript


ANDY BEHRENS: Fifth? Oh, come on. Tell me you don't love this spot.

If you're not sold on the position I'll point out that it produced the second-most league winners in 2020. That's pretty good. Historically, really anywhere in the top half of the first round gives you a tangible edge in fantasy leagues in almost any sport. When you pick mid-round, position runs can never burn you. Your [? queue ?] never gets crushed. And again, you're getting a great player at the top of the draft. It's probably the most low-stress draft position, in my opinion.

Jonathan Taylor has been the pick at 5 in an average draft so far after his absolutely dominant close in the 2020 season. That guy averaged 140 scrimmage yards per game over his last six weeks. He was absolutely phenomenal. If you told me that Jonathan Taylor was going to end up being the top overall pick in 2022, I wouldn't argue too much. I wouldn't find that too unusual. This is a great spot. He's a great player. I'd wish you luck at number five, but come on. You don't need it.