50 Times Chefs And Cooks Did The Bare Minimum And Royally Scammed People Out Of A Good Meal

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Have you ever gotten a bad meal at a restaurant (or delivered via takeout) and thought to yourself, How the heck did this chef/cook ever get hired?!

Moira from "Schitt's Creek" saying, "What does burning smell like?"
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Well, you are not alone, dear reader. Here are 50 horrific meals from so-called chefs and cooks that'll make you feel a litttttle bit better about your own experiences.

1. This "four-cheese pizza":

2. This "avocado toast":

3. This "carbonara pasta":

4. And this other dish of "carbonara," proving no one knows how to make this damn dish:

5. This "Buffalo mac 'n' cheese":

6. This "Filet-O-Fish" from McDonald's:

7. These "cheese fries":

8. This "chicken scampi":

9. These "nachos":

10. This "salmon":

11. This dish of "liver and rice":

12. This bowl of "ramen":

13. This "tomato and mushroom bruschetta":

14. This "empanada":

15. This "bean burrito" from Taco Bell:

16. This dish of "orange chicken":

17. This "garlic cheese bread":

18. This "chicken nugget":

19. This side of "sausage and chips":

20. This "Monterey chicken":

21.This dish of "ravioli":

Messy ravioli dish, covered in gross cheese, burned on tin foil

22. These "grilled veggies":

23. This "Philly cheesesteak":

24. This "paneer butter masala":

25. This "bacon cheeseburger" from Wendy's:

26. This dish of "tilapia":

27. This "egg and cheese on a biscuit":

28. This dish of "chicken cordon bleu":

29. This "taco" from Taco Bell:

30. This "steak":

31. This "Cubano sandwich":

32. This "avocado grilled cheese":

33. This "Caesar salad":

34. This "pork chow mein":

35. This "onion ring pizza":

36. This "pasta dish" from Applebee's:

37. This "steak tartare":

38. This "dessert":

39. This "vegetarian dish":

40. This "quesadilla":

41. This "chicken satay":

42. This dish of "ham hock terrine":

43. This dish of "sashimi":

44. This "sandwich" from KFC:

45. These "pizza fries":

46. This "mac 'n' cheese":

47. These "scallops":

48. This "potato burrito":

49. This "chopped salad" from Subway:

50. And this "pizza":

Has a chef or cook royally cheated *you* out of a good meal? Share a picture if you have one below!