50 prospects for Packers to target on Day 3 of 2024 NFL draft

The Green Bay Packers are going into Day 3 of the 2024 NFL draft with eight picks, including two in the fifth round and three in the sixth. As was the case last year, another big influx of players is headed Green Bay’s way during the final four rounds of the draft barring a few trades up the board from general manager Brian Gutekunst.

Who could the Packers target during Rounds 4-7?

Here’s a list, keeping in mind overall athleticism, roster need and pre-draft interest (note: last year, this same list produced six players picked by the Packers on Day 3):

S Jaden Hicks, Washington State (need, RAS)
DL Kristian Boyd, Northern Iowa (visit)
S Jaylen Carlies, Missouri (visit, need, RAS)
S Kitan Oladapo, Oregon State (visit, need, RAS)
OL Mason McCormick, SDSU (need, RAS)
DL Brandon Dorlus, Oregon (RAS)
S Malik Mustafa, Wake Forest (RAS, need)
RB Isaac Guerendo, Louisville (RAS)
CB Cam Hart, Notre Dame (need)
Edge Austin Booker, Kansas (visit, RAS)
QB Spencer Rattler, South Carolina (visit)
CB Khyree Jackson, Oregon (need, RAS)
OL Donovan Jennings, USF (need, RAS, visit)
OL Jalen Sundell, NDSU (need, RAS)
OL Tanor Bortolini, Wisconsin (need, RAS)
S Dadrion Taylor-Demerson, Texas Tech (need)
CB Decamerion Richardson, Miss. State (need, RAS)
DL Gabe Hall, Baylor (RAS)
S Dominique Hampton, Washington (RAS, need)
OT Tylan Grable, USF (RAS, need)
OL Layden Robinson, Texas A&M (need, visit)
DB Ryan Watts, Texas (RAS, need)
OL Nick Gargiulo, South Carolina (RAS, need)
QB Michael Pratt, Tulane
S Omar Brown, Nebraska (RAS, need, visit)
DB Chris Edmonds, Arizona State (RAS, need, visit)
OL Garrett Greenfield, SDSU (RAS, need)
OL Hunter Nourzad, Penn State (need)
Edge Cedric Johnson, Ole Miss (RAS)
CB Nehemiah Pritchett, Auburn (need, RAS)
P Tory Taylor, Iowa
S Trey Taylor, Air Force (need, RAS)
S Akeem Dent, Florida State (need, RAS, visit)
Edge Mohamed Kamara, Colorado State (RAS)
RB Ray Davis, Kentucky (visit)
WR Devontez Walker, UNC (RAS)
TE Theo Johnson, Penn State (RAS)
TE Jared Wiley, TCU (RAS)
OL Beaux Limmer, Arkansas (RAS, need)
OL Jarrett Kingston, USC (RAS, need)
CB T.J. Tampa, Iowa State (RAS, need)
CB Jarvis Brownlee, Louisville (RAS, need)
Edge Gabriel Murphy, UCLA (RAS)
DL Mekhi Wingo, LSU (RAS)
DL Leonard Taylor, Miami (RAS)
C Sedrick Van Pran, Georgia (RAS, need)
OL Sataoa Laumea, Utah (RAS, need)
WR Johnny Wilson, Florida State (RAS)
WR Brenden Rice, USC (RAS)
RB Tyrone Tracy Jr., Purdue (RAS)

Story originally appeared on Packers Wire