Get $50 Off Six Lessons At PGA Tour Superstore Right Now

 Get $50 Off Six Lessons At PGA Tour Superstore Right Now
Get $50 Off Six Lessons At PGA Tour Superstore Right Now

Get $50 Off Six Lessons At PGA Tour Superstore Right Now

As a golfer, it’s easy to be suckered in to believing a golf club can cure your slice or get rid of the yips. Sadly, it’s not that simple. It’s not that new clubs won’t help - undergoing a club fitting is something we would definitely encourage - but they won’t fix any underlying swing issues or short-game shortcomings that are plaguing your game.

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No, we believe lessons are a great way to solve swing issues or help with specific parts of your game that need work. They can fix fundamental swing flaws, allow you to get fit more efficiently into new clubs, and we believe they could actually save you money in the long run.

So this is where this deal comes in as at the moment we have spotted a great deal on PGA Tour Superstore in which you can get six, 45-minute lessons for $50 off.

Six 45-minute Lessons | $50 off with PGA Tour Superstore

At the moment this equates to a 13% saving and the great thing about this retailer is there are stores all over the United States so you can book to your nearest location.View Deal


On the official website it says this of the lessons and the procedure used;

'The Adult Golf Lesson 6-pack begins with an assessment of the golf swing and equipment so that our PGA TOUR Superstore Certified Instructors can create a customized lesson plan. Our instructors utilize FORESiGHT launch monitor and V1 Sports video analysis technologies to help get to the root of the problem. Synchronized video capture and playback offers immediate visual feedback through side by side stance, posture, and swing comparisons with PGA TOUR players. Every student has cloud-based access to each swing tip, comparison, and lesson recap videos created by the Golf Instructor. 

Our PGA TOUR Superstore Certified Instructors also assess equipment as part of a golf lesson plan. The clubs you play have an impact on your ability to hit consistent shots. It's not about selling new clubs - it's about making sure your clubs will reward your improving golf swing (the simplest path to sustained improvement!).'

This current deal is limited to adults but we have noticed there are also packages for adults with more lessons included, as many as 48, and there are also lessons for children too which is a great way to get them into the game and help them see progress faster. These other options are not currently on offer but we will still keep an eye out if they do to make sure you don't miss out.