50 Jokes About Math That Don't Require An Upside-Down Calculator

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1.Jeff Bezos' secret:

"what's the derivative of Amazon? Amazon Prime"

2.Simple geometry:

a pentagon, hexagon, octagon, and outline of oregon

3.Everyone's favorite show:

"sinefeld" with jerry's photo across a line graph

4.Going back to your roots:

tree's roots above ground in a perfect square

5.No one:



n and n plus 1

7.Perspective shift:

"turn the sadness into something positive" and i'm sad in between lines

8.A *complimentary* angle:

what's sin q/cos q? "tan q" you're welcome

9.Fully functional:

"stop asking y" and someone responds "f(x)"

10.No longer at odds:

"when odd numbers are added to other odd numbers"  and the meme says, "we're even now"

11.A generational difference:

the nineties

12.The amazing diversity of nature:

y= different equations and different cows


someone questioning something simple like using a TI-84 calculator to do 2+2

14.Shouting problems:

"If you shout 0 loudly enough, it become 1. 0!"

15.The best cheese:


16.Everyone's favorite state:

kansas and kansas -1

17.How coffee is made:

how coffee is made, f(x), f'(x), f"(x)

18.The REAL answer:

cos 789 equals -0.8959

19.The important difference:

space x with a rocket going horizontal and space y with the rocket going vertical

20.Lots and lots of berries:

how did they find 1,120,000,000,000,000,000 strawberries!

21.Frowns upside down:

someone turning their sad face text into a happy one

22.The most perfect words in the world:

no three words better than i love you and someone responds, "quod erat demonstrandum"

23.Proper labeling:

absolute vodka bottle and then vodka in between the symbol for absolute

24.No half measures:

someone holding an oversized paddle to play table tennis like using a long formula for a simple equation

25.Epic arguments:

two historical men using different equations to argue and go back and forth to insult

26.Disgusting tans:

a tan line graph drawn on someone's arm

27.Marvel's hot new movie:

avengers n(war) n->00

28.He has the right angle:

hippotenuse  hippo

29.Don't be obtuse:

an acute angle and a drawing of a baby, "im acute baby"

30.A math-scot:

a transformer toy next to an equation
Will Perkins / CC BY http://2.0 / flic.kr

31.A classic math thriller:

snakes drawn onto a plane

32.Integratin' issues:

"when you integrate by parts and realize you need to do it again" with a pic of an orange peeled to reveal another orange

33.This one's a thinker:

"your plan has been foiled" with an equation

34.Scary moments at home:

(a+b)squared saying fuck

35.True terror:

"terrifed of the vertical axis" "why" and then the person screams

36.Test scores:

the paper score showing square root of 144 over 150

37.Everyone's favorite day:

pi day march 14 and e day february 71

38.You + me = we:

"i wish i was your derivative so i could lie tangent to your curves"

39.Coping mechanisms:

me trying to escape my problems, f'(x) = e^x


asprii dn = aspirin plus c

41.A visual reminder:

radius and diameter shown with star wars lightsaber

42.The easiest problem to solve:

oh so you like math? name every number? repsonds with an infinity equation

43.A helpful Venn diagram:

rap music and discrete mathematics venn diagram with the middle being the use of the phrase "for reals"

44.Tomato, tomahto:

3squared = 6

45.Show your work:

show your work

46.Binge watching:

binge watching from ep 4 to 25

47.Pokemon math:

pokemon math

48.The beauty of nature:

polar bear and cartesian bear

49.The important difference:

is 4 alot? depends on the context

50.An apPEELing equation:

sin(gerine) over cos(gerine) and a drawing of a tangerine

This article contains content from Dave Stopera and Sam Weiner. It was compiled by Kelly Rissman.