50 feet of snow buries chairlifts at California ski resorts

Ski resorts in California are enjoying an epic snow season with more than 50 feet of snow having fallen in some areas. But is it too much snow?

It was for at least two ski resorts where chairlifts were literally buried in snow, as seen at Sierra-at-Tahoe and Bear Valley Resort.

Image from Sierra-at-Tahoe

“This historic year is a sight to see,” Sierra-at-Tahoe stated Monday on Facebook. “Chairs have significant rime ice buildup that must be manually removed, lift shacks + ski patrol stations are completely buried, Puma chairs in West Bowl have been covered.

“Historic days for a historic year are on the horizon with clear days in the forecast later this week!!”

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Among the comments on the Sierra-at-Tahoe Facebook page:

“Truly unbelievable!”

“Opps! Where are the chairs?”


“Wow. That’s crazy.”

“Insane amount of snow.”

At Bear Valley Resort, it was more of the same. Tower 8 of the Koala Lift was buried, as seen below.

Among the comments from the Bear Valley Resort Facebook page:

“Oh wow! Great way to inspect the pulleys!”

“Good time for greasing up those pulleys!”

“Start digging!”

“That’s absolutely insane.”

How insane? The Lift Maintenance Facebook page did a comparison photo to when there was no snow.

Yeah, it’s pretty insane.

And lots of digging by resort workers.

Story originally appeared on For The Win