5 unexpected ways to transform carrots

Carrots are a lot more than just a crunchy addition to a salad or a healthy excuse to eat ranch dressing. Here are 5 carrot-based recipes that turn “What’s up, Doc?” into “What’s up, Chef?” . 1. Vegetarian carrot “hot dogs”. After boiling carrot sticks, soak them in a blend of sauces and spices. Fire up the grill and cook the carrots until they get nice and crispy. 2. Air fryer vegan carrot fries. These crispy carrot fries are super easy to make. All you need is carrots, avocado oil and salt!. 3. Vegan carrot “bacon” . This vegan recipe calls for thinly sliced carrots, which are then seasoned with strong flavors like maple syrup, liquid smoke and soy sauce. 4. Vegan smoked carrot “salmon”. This carrot smoked salmon looks just as good on a bagel as the real thing. 5. Vegetarian carrot burgers. This carrot burger holds its own against any beef or turkey recipe