5 toughest decisions facing Giants GM Joe Schoen

Now that the 2023 NFL season is over, the New York Giants will be making more changes to fit the vision of general manager Joe Schoen.

Here are the five toughest decisions Schoen has to make this offseason.

Saquon Barkley and the franchise tag

The main candidate for the franchise tag is running back Saquon Barkley.

This season, Barkley played for the tag salary of approximately $11.1 million. If Schoen is going to tag Barkley a second time (a move that would not sit well with the star running back) it will cost him a bit more — around $12.4 million for one season.

The alternative would be to allow Barkley to test the free-agent waters. That could go either way for both Barkley and the Giants.

Then there is the possibility they lose Barkley to another team altogether. Barkley did not attend his year-end exit interview with management, deciding to just walk out of the building.

“They did it last year. So I’m numb to it,” he said. “I don’t have any feelings toward that at all. If you’re gonna do it, just don’t wait until March 5. Just get it over with. If not, let me go. Simple.”

The No. 6 overall pick

Will the Giants take a quarterback? Will they trade back for more capital?

Stay tuned. This decision will be tied to the next decision, which is whether they are truly committed to Daniel Jones long-term.

Daniel Jones' future

The Giants are tethered to Jones financially — for at least next season — but may begin to prepare to move on from him if he falters or is injured again.

Jones has a cap hit of $41 million in 2024 and the Giants can’t do much until the opt-out, which isn’t going to happen until after 2024.

The defensive and special teams coordinator

After the firing of special teams coordinator Thomas McGaughey and the (pending) resignation of defensive coordinator Wink Martindale, the Giants are leaderless in two of their three major units.

Head coach Brian Daboll will likely have the most input, but after his rift with these two men, Schoen may have to sit in on the interview process to ensure compatibility.

The offensive line

Offensive line coach Bobby Johnson was let go after a dismal season that saw the Giants nearly set a new NFL record for sacks allowed.

This also might be more Daboll’s call than Schoen’s but it is essential they get a line coach that can put together a uniform unit that can be more consistent.

That, of course, will depend upon health again. This year, just about every lineman missed significant time due to injuries.

Story originally appeared on Giants Wire