5 TikToks that will change everything you thought you knew about crepes

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Crepes are delicious snacks that come in endless varieties. Whether you prefer them sweet or savory, there’s a crepe for every occasion. But while most of us are familiar with traditional crepe fillings like fruit or chocolate, chefs on TikTok are taking crepes to the next level.

Here are five TikToks that will change everything you thought you knew about crepes.

1. Towel crepe

This crepe looks exactly like a folded towel! The ingenious illusion is achieved with a surprising secret ingredient: cocoa powder. To make it, TikToker @jasmineandtea rolls up two chocolate crepes filled with Nutella, then dusts them with cocoa powder to give them their towel-like texture.

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2. Crepe cake

From the outside, this pastry looks like a normal chocolate cake, but cutting into it reveals that it’s actually made out of crepes! TikToker @dulcedelectat makes the cake by stacking crepes on top of each other, then smothering them with chocolate frosting. They finish by garnishing the cake with a variety of chocolate candies and some chopped nuts. The result looks just like a traditional chocolate cake until you see the inside!

3. Crepe fettuccine

Who says you can’t eat pasta for dessert? This crepe “fettuccine,” made with a variety of sweet toppings, is the ultimate dessert. To make it, TikToker @yumyumbylina simply slices crepes into thin strips and tosses them in a bowl with Nutella, strawberries, granola and sugar.

4. Teddy bear crepe

This might be the most adorable crepe you’ve ever seen! To make it, two TikTokers from @noisycrepe use multi-colored crepe batters to draw a teddy bear directly onto the griddle. They start by drawing the outline of the teddy bear’s face with brown batter, then they add gray batter for details like the bear’s nose and eyes. Finally, they fill in the face with a lighter brown batter, and fill the crepe with candy.

5. Fried crepes

These fried crepes are incredibly decadent! TikToker @foodkagechris starts by making traditional crepes filled with Nutella and bananas, then dips them in egg batter, fries them in oil and coats them in cinnamon-sugar. As if that weren’t enough, @foodkagechris plates his fried crepes with ice cream and a strawberry cut into the shape of a flower.

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