5 TikTok recipes to bring your hummus to the next level

Who doesn’t love hummus? The versatile chickpea-based Middle Eastern dip is filling and can be paired with vegetables or crackers. If you’re a hummus fan looking to upgrade your favorite dip, try these 5 TikTok hummus upgrades. Avocado hummus Just add avocado to your usual hummus recipe. Pink roasted beet hummus This hummus has a more earthy flavor and it’s a great way to make use of old beets. Sweet potato hummus This creamy hummus incorporates roasted sweet potatoes and a jalapeño pepper. Lemon garlic mushroom hummus This zesty recipe uses lemon juice and mixes in some lemon garlic mushrooms. Chocolate hummus You might be wondering, is chocolate hummus really just brownie batter in disguise?