5 sweet and stunning dessert beverages

If you’re looking to sip on something sweet and gorgeous, here are five aesthetic dessert drink recipes on TikTok that taste as good as they look . 1. Butterfly pea madeleine iced coffee (non-alcoholic), You’ve never had iced coffee like this before. 2. Jelly punch (alcoholic), Hop on TikTok’s jelly food trend with this jelly punch recipe. 3. Whipped Lucky Charms (non-alcoholic), You’ll really be after Lucky Charms once you’ve had a sip of this beverage. 4. Galaxy drink (non-alcoholic), Who knew the entire galaxy could fit inside a glass?. 5. Watermelon spritzer (alcoholic), The only thing sweeter than this watermelon spritzer is the dog who made it in the video

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