5 recipes where pistachios are the star ingredient

When it comes to pistachios, most people think of snacking. From dumplings to crème brûlée, you’ll go nuts for these five pistachio recipes. Pistachio edamame and tofu dumplings For an “alter-nut-tive” take on pistachios, look no further than this recipe. Pistachio fried feta with lemon and spicy honey This pistachio fried feta is a “defi-nut” crowd-pleaser. Vegan pistachio pesto pasta Add some oomph to your traditional pesto pasta with this pistachio rendition. Pistachio crème brûlée Pistachios get fancy in this dessert recipe. Pistachio iced latte Words cannot “espresso” how delicious this iced latte is

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