5 reasons to use safe, natural cleaning products

When life gets busy, and there’s a big mess to clean up, it’s tempting to grab any old cleaning products that claim to get the job done quickly. But did you ever think about what might be in those bottles?

While it might be convenient to buy standard cleaning products from the store, these common household cleaners are not always the best choice.

Why? Most cleaning products are made up of harsh chemicals, which are bad for your health and the environment.

Here we share five top reasons why you should make the switch to safe, natural cleaning products.

1. Family Safety

Using green cleaning products is a healthier choice for your entire family. You'll avoid breathing in harsh chemicals and improve the quality of your indoor air. This reduces a range of health risks, including:

  • Asthma

  • Respiratory infections

  • Skin irritation

  • Chemical poisoning

If you have young children in your home, it makes sense to use non-toxic, natural cleaning products. Small children are more susceptible to chemical poisoning, and you may put them at risk of long-term health problems like asthma by using strong chemical-based products around them. By swapping that standard bathroom cleaner for a natural cleaning product, you'll be creating a safer home for your kids. While you should keep all products not intended for consumption well away from tiny fingers, you limit the damage that could be done by having all-natural products in your home should they be grabbed!

2. A Healthier Habitat

By shopping for natural cleaning parts, you'll also do your part to prevent a number of dangerous chemicals from being released into the environment. Unfortunately, conventional household cleaners do not mix well with natural resources. When people pour phosphorous and nitrates down the drain, these chemicals go straight into our water. These chemicals can't be removed at water treatment facilities, so they eventually make their way into our major waterways and affect the local ecosystem.

However, most green cleaning products use recycled and recyclable packaging and tend to be sustainable and ethical, avoiding testing on animals. Green cleaners are also non-corrosive, making them a much safer and healthier option. Your home will be cleaner, and you'll be helping the environment too. Using natural cleaning products also teaches kids about the importance of responsibility for the environment. If they see you using natural materials, they're more likely to as well.

3. Improves the Lifespan of Possessions

Cleaning your home, whether it's kitchen work surfaces, floors, or other household items, takes its toll on your possessions. Standard cleaners are often corrosive and reduce the longevity of items in and around your home. By switching to natural cleaning methods, you can make sure your home is taken good care of and help its contents last longer. The effects of green cleaners also last longer, so you don't need to use them as often. This also contributes to the improved lifespan of your household possessions. You're also less likely to cause accidental damage to items when you're using a natural cleaning product. Chemicals in standard cleaners like bleach and chlorine can leave marks and stains if accidentally applied to the wrong surface. Even worse, some cleaning products can provoke harmful chemical reactions when mixed, which you may then breathe in.

4. Less Expensive

Many people think that eco-friendly choices are more expensive, but that's rarely the case. In fact, natural cleaning products often work out cheaper than their chemical counterparts because they last longer, and you need less each time you use a natural cleaning product. Even better, you can make your own green cleaners with everyday household ingredients. Baking soda and vinegar mixed with water make a fantastic all-purpose natural cleaning product and costs next to nothing. Many people worry about the smell of vinegar, but it's undetectable once dry! If you do want to add a fragrance to your cleaning spray, essential oils work wonders. Tea tree oil makes a great choice as it has natural antibacterial properties.

5. Fewer Allergens and Great for Sensitive Skin

Even if you usually wear gloves and open windows and doors when cleaning, many cleaning products can still be harmful to those with skin sensitivities, allergies, or asthma. Common ingredients like acetone, ammonia, and volatile organic compounds are particularly risky but can be hard to avoid breathing in when you're cleaning. The majority of natural cleaners use oils, vinegar, and plant-based surfactants in place of these risky chemicals. The ingredients in these kinds of products are also readily disclosed, so you know exactly what's in them and can avoid it if it may be harmful to you.

That's not the case with standard cleaners — you often don't know what or how much of a particular ingredient is in them. Meanwhile, natural cleansers usually avoid:

  • Ammonia

  • Soy

  • Perfumes & synthetic fragrances

  • Chlorine

  • Gluten

  • Dyes

  • Caustics

  • Formaldehyde

  • Bleach

  • Sulfates

This makes it safer for those with allergies. Even if you don't suffer from a particular allergy, you may find you have sore skin after using standard cleaners. By avoiding these ingredients, natural cleaners are a much better choice for your skin.

The Takeaway: Go Natural

Standard cleaning products can be bad for health, release toxic chemicals into the environment and waterways, and can provoke allergic reactions. By making the switch to natural cleaning products, you can improve the air quality in your home, create a safer environment, and avoid putting you and your family at risk of long-term health problems. Better yet, natural cleaning products are not as expensive as you might think. You can even make your own natural cleaning product from simple household ingredients. If you're looking for natural cleaning products that are both safe and effective, visit Dr. Brite. Here you'll find a wide array of safe products with safe and clean ingredients. Start your green cleaning transition today with Dr. Brite!