5 Questions: Adrian Ealy

Josh McCuistion, Editor
Sooner Scoop

Josh McCuistion: As a talented athlete, there is no question you’re likely good at a lot of things, but what are you not good at?

Adrian Ealy: I would have to say volleyball. I can not play volleyball to save my life. I try too hard and I end up hitting the net or something like that.

JM: What is something you do that would surprise people?

AE: I’m so big so people won’t expect me too but I really dance a lot, I dance a whole lot. People don’t think I can dance.

JM: You’re sitting in the locker room getting ready for the game. Are you yelling and screaming, huddled over the toilet, or just in your own world?

AE: I really, I’ve got a real good sense of humor, I clown with a lot of people, just to break the tension for everybody I'm usually joking around. I make them laugh so that way when we go out they are ready to play.

JM: If you could go on any vacation anywhere, where would you go?

AE: I would go to The Bahamas, it seems like a real relaxed, fun place to be. I just really want to go there.

JM: What are your primary goals for your career at Oklahoma?

AE: I have a lot of things, first of course, is a degree. If I leave early I’m going to get my degree, if I stay four years, I’m going to get my degree. I want to be an All-American, I want to be an Outland Trophy winner, Big 12 lineman of the year, just like Orlando (Brown). (I also want to be) a first round pick.

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